Current classes

I will be teaching two courses at UCL this year. As part of the Law's Connection module, I will lead a Case Study on Fake News and Falsehoods (Term 1, 2023–24, materials). In addition, I will tutor the Criminal Law module (Terms 1–2, 2023–24, materials).

Past classes

At the University of Zurich, I have acted as a co-instructor for the seminar Legal Philosophy and Legal Theory (Fall 21), where I taught Mill's Utilitarianism and key texts on the recent debate as to the interrelation of law and neuroscience (materials). I have also tutored a seminar on Blame and Punishment (Fall 21), where we investigated the phenomena of blame and punishment, as well as their interrelation, through the works of contemporary philosophers (materials). Before that, I was a tutor for the graduate-level lecture Theories of Morality (Fall 20, materials) and undergraduate seminar Thomas Nagel's The View From Nowhere and The Possibility of Altruism (Spring 20, materials).