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Hey there, thanks for visiting my website! My name is Levin Güver and I am currently a PhD student at University College London, where I am jointly supervised across the Law Faculty and Philosophy Department by Mark Dsouza, John Hyman, and Kevin Toh. I hold a Bachelor of Law and Master of Law from the University of Zurich, the latter of which I graduated as valedictorian. I am also an active member of the Reading Guilty Minds group.

My interests are in criminal jurisprudence, broadly construed. I am most passionate about the action-theoretic foundations of criminal law and am composing a thesis on problems surrounding intention and adjacent concepts, such as consent. I hold auxiliary interests in the philosophy of blame and punishment, the legal and psychological dimensions of causation, and the ethics of artificial intelligence.

In my free time I enjoy lifting weights, running, playing video games and chess, and reading manga.

If you share any of the above interests, please do get in touch! :-)